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      Hi, I am Rena. I love playing and creating music. When I was young, I used to think that I need to be a virtuoso to be a musician. I need to have extremely good sense of music before I can compose them. I was completely wrong. 

      You don't need to be a virtuoso to be a musician. You just need to start. If you want to be a musician, start playing an instrument. You can't improve, improvise or enjoy it if you don't play it!

       If you want to be a composer, start creating pieces. Once you have a composition under you, you are a composer. Heck what people says as long as you love it. Anyways, no matter what you compose, there will be people who hate it, and there will be those who love it. What's most important is YOU LOVE IT.

      I teach music, and I love to make complicated pieces easier. I also like to compose music that is accessible to all, not just for virtuoso. Here, you will find music scores and online music courses that you can watch and learn immediately.